Cicada Song
Cicada Song is a songwriting collaboration between Alison Kinney and Cyrus Smith.

Heartbreak And Dying
An album of traditional love songs sung by Alison Kinney, recorded in Lawrence, Kansas in December of 2012, with the help of her sister Lauren Kinney.

Barbara Allen

One Morning In May

Pretty Saro

The Nightingale

These songs are not my own to claim. They are older and wiser then any of us. They have lived many lives and survived many transformations. Born in the British Isles, they were brought over in the hearts and handbags of early American immigrants. They were roughly tossed from mouth to mouth for hundreds of years. They were buried in Appalachian soil, unearthed, and buried again. Now all I have done is picked them up, dusted them off once more, and packaged them neatly to send out west.




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